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Help keep FreeBSD tidy

[ruby] [bsd]

A small Ruby script for helping deal with cruft on pkgng-based systems like FreeBSD.

Perhaps most interesting is the implementation of checkrestart, a feature similar to the Debian-goodies program of the same name, which can find running processes which may need restarting following an upgrade.

# pkg-cruft checkrestart
[MISSING EXECUTABLE] (tmux-2.7)? running as 17319 (tmux)
[MISSING EXECUTABLE] (zsh-5.5.1)? running as 20115 (zsh)
[MISSING EXECUTABLE] (weechat-2.2)? running as 36747 (weechat)
/usr/local/bin/mosh-server (mosh-1.3.2_4) running as 53815 (mosh-server)
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Command-line AMD K8 CPU thermal diode reader

[c] [bsd]

A foray into lower-level code, bashing PCI registers and using a bit of custom assembler, k8temp offers a command line interface to the thermal sensors on AMD’s old K8 CPUs.

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BSD Commit Log Search

[ruby] [bsd] [web]

A search engine/viewer for source code commits, focused on projects of interest to the BSD community.

Currently into its fourth rewrite, backed by Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL and Redis, with the site itself running on JRuby and Roda, making use of concurrent-ruby to parallelise data retrieval and inserts.

Previous versions have used Rails, Sinatra, Padrino, Solr, MySQL, and memcached.