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Bit-level Rust IO


bitrw offers bit-level reading and writing for Rust Read and Write types. It was extracted from my gcstool project.


extern crate bitrw;
use bitrw::{BitReader, BitWriter};

// Something implementing io::Write
let buf: Vec<u8> = Vec::new();

let mut writer = BitWriter::new(BufWriter::new(buf));

let mut bits_written = writer.write_bit(0)?;
bits_written += writer.write_bits(7, 0b100_0001)?;
bits_written += writer.write_bits(2, 0b01)?;
bits_written += writer.flush()?; // returns u64 indicating the number of bits of padding.

assert_eq!(buf, [0b0100_0001, 0b0100_0000]);

// Or io::Read, and optionally io::Seek for seeking by bit position.
let mut reader = BitReader::new(Cursor::new(writer.into_inner()));

let bit = reader.read_bit()?; // u8, 0 or 1
let rest_of_byte = reader.read_bits(7)?; // u64 of remainder.
let bits = reader.read_bits(2)?;

assert_eq!(bit, 0_u8);
assert_eq!(rest_of_byte, 0b100_0001_u64);
assert_eq!(bits, 0b01_u64);