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Thomas Hurst

That is, indeed, my name

I'm a computer programmer from North East England. I started out with ARexx in the mid 1990's, and it's been mostly downhill from there via, amongst other things, PHP, Ruby, Python, C, and my latest love, Rust.

My biggest claim to fame is co-developing the NZB specification, the de- facto standard for distributing binary data on the Usenet distributed discussions system, thus being a contributor to the loss of endless billions of pounds of economic activity. Buwahahaha.

I primarily use FreeBSD, and run a small search engine to help the community keep track of what's going on there and in related projects.


If you have a problem, if no one else can help... what makes you think I can?

MethodProbability of successExpected Latency
IRC: Freaky @ 0.920 seconds–12 hours
Twitter: @blaagh 0.82 hours–2 days
Email: 0.612 hours–7 days
Facebook: … 0.00412 months–∞


About this website

This site is generated using Zola, a Rust static website generator.

The theme is called aloof, and is custom-made by and for me, including the photo of a plasma ball and my finger in the corner.

Why's bl.aagh? Because I've owned for ages and always thought I should put a blog on So I did.

It lives on a Portfast VPS in London, running the latest release of FreeBSD.