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AMD K8 temperature monitor for FreeBSD, DragonFlyBSD, and probably OpenBSD and NetBSD.


k8temp is now on Github.


k8temp is now available in the FreeBSD ports system as sysutils/k8temp.


The k8temp utility displays temperature readings from AMD K8 and K10 processors using their on-die thermal diode(s).

k8temp requires read-write access to /dev/pci, and thus must be run as root.



0.1.0, 2007-10-21
First release.
0.1.1, 2007-10-22
Fixes a serious error resulting in writes to a bogus PCI register.
0.2.0, 2007-10-25
Add support for diode offset correction and debugging options. Add CPUID check.
0.3.0, 2007-12-04
Add tentative support for OpenBSD and NetBSD. Remove (meaning- less) diode offset correction. Introduce value-only output mode and sensor selector arguments.
0.4.0, 2008-06-22
Add preliminary K10 (Barcelona/Phenom) support.
0.4.1, 2014-04-03
Fix compliation warnings on newer clang and gcc's. Minor bugfix.


Thomas Hurst <>